Top Unusual Hotels in America

When you’re travelling, what hotel do you wind up staying at? Are you a best western kind of person, or do you have a Marriott gold card for free rooms? What if you came across a wigwam village, or hotel accessible only via scuba diving? If you’re into unique accommodations, this page is for you.

The top 2 unusual hotels in North America

1. Wigwam Village Motel

Some people like to escape their life for a bit to experience a simpler time, and the wigwam village motel in Holbrook Arizona is the type of place where they would look to escape to. Though not entirely authentic, considering the concrete and steel structure are teepees and not wigwams, wigwam village is a clever mix of travel accommodations and Native American history.

Each of the fifteen 21 foot or 6.4 meter wide teepees are furnished with handmade hickory furniture. And come equipped with nothing but a toilet, sink, and shower.

This isn’t some luxury hotel, but the historic value of the 1950s establishment should more than make up for the lack of marble bathrooms and pillowtop matresses.

2. Library Hotel

If you’re a self-proclaimed bookworm, this unique establishment is likely the best hotel for you. It’s located at Madison Avenue in New York, the Library Hotel is precisely as it sounds. Ten floors of literature-inspired themes are categorized using the Dewey Decimal system. Each floor covers different categories that includes social sciences, literature, languages, history, philosophy, the arts, and technology. With each floor, guests will get to dive into one of six different topics depending on the room they’re in.

For instance, guesting on the fifth floor, Math and Science, can read up on dinosaurs, mathematics, geology, and more.