Top Unique Hotels in the World

1. Majahuitas

If seclusion is your game, then Majahuitas Resort is where you want to be. This eco-friendly resort in Mexico isn’t plane, train, or automobile, as it is located on an exclusive beach in the bay of bandera. The only way to reach this exotic resort is by boat. And when you arrive, you can expect to get the full island experience.

The resort is completely solar-powered, and to cut down on over consumption, televisions, air-conditioning, and telephones are all taken out of the equation. But without all of these distractions though, you’ll be able to enjoy your pick of eight different rooms, from a cliffside villa to a house on the jungle’s edge.

2. Fantasyland Hotel

Calm down you perverted minds of the internet. Despite the name, Fantasyland Hotel isn’t that kind of establishment. Quite the opposite actually. This luxury hotel does provide some standard accommodations, but the real draw is the selection of themed rooms that transport guests to a different time, and a different place.

Located in Edmonton Canada, Fantasyland Hotel features themes such as Victorian Coach, Polynesian Family, Igloo, Hollywood Nights, Western, Arabian, and African. Each room takes on the look and feel of the central theme, without sacrificing the normal comforts one would expect from a high-end hotel.

Attached to the hotel is an amusement park, ice-skating rink, a miniature golf course, and lots more. There’s something for everyone here.