What is a Boutique Hotel?

Boutique hotels have existed long time ago but not that known to other parts of the world. The term hotel can be understood well but boutique hotel?  Very few exactly knows what is the real meaning of the term ’boutique’ or why this term is used in connection with hotels and what are the benefits of staying in this type of hotels. Internet definition of a boutique hotel is a small stylish hotel, typically one situated in a fashionable urban location that has typically between 10 and 100 rooms.

Is Small but Has a Ultra-Personal Service

  • A boutique hotel’s intimate size (rooms not exceeding 100) produces its characteristic personal feeling. What distinguishes boutique hotels from standardized hotels is the connection that guests experience with members of the hotel staff as they impose the acknowledgment of guest names by all hotel staff members.

Is Small but Has a Ultra-Personal Service

  • Style, distinction, and warmth are key words in the architecture and design of boutique hotels that attract customers looking for a place able to fulfill their individual needs. This will gonna be a best place for wedding. Having a vintage wedding garments that will probably makes you feel great. A classy look and modernize theme is a perfect match for wedding venue. Give your time to have your home to be cleaned. You try to discover here 淨麗美清潔 for more. This is great services.

A boutique hotel is a place that offers an accommodation that makes their every guests feel peaceful, happy and contented in every way that makes them feel extraordinary and special, and makes them to realize that they should have a vacation again soon. Surely they will make a plan to try boutique hotels wherever they travel and have the best clean service. One ordinary employee said he cannot afford to go to a boutique dress  but would dream to have one day.

5 Facts About Hotel Reviews

These are key insights into just how essential online traveler reviews have become in the hotel booking process. This is to spotlight the relationship between traveler reviews and hotel bookings.

Travelers stay positive. The survey results debunk a common misconception that travelers primarily write reviews to complain about bad experiences. In fact, sharing positive experience is their main motivation.

there are 5 facts about hotel reviews.

1. 74% of travelers say they write reviews because they want to share a good experience with others

So, this debunks that myth that people only write reviews when they want to rant or complain.

2. 98% of travelers find TripAdvisor hotel reviews to be accurate of the actual experience.

That’s why it’s important to check online first, before booking in a hotel.


3. 95% of survey respondents say they would recommend TripAdvisor hotel reviews to others

This is how TripAdvisor has risen from the crowd of service reviews. It has become a leading reference in travel information.

4. 87% of travelers agree that TripAdvisor hotel reviews “help me feel more confident in my booking decisions”

That’s why hotel owners and hotel staff should be wary of their actions so they do not end up being in the spotlight of a bad review online. It could cost the performance of the hotel for a year. Thanks to the business website like tripAdvisor giving us a rich information of what we, as travelers, want to see and want to be reminded before each trip. It is for sure that people go online with search engine to look for what they want to shop doing homework before spending money. Therefore, apply search engine optimization SEO on each business or e-commerce  website becoming a must do action right after building a site.


5. 53% of travelers say they will not book a hotel that doesn’t have any reviews

Is no review better than bad reviews? Apparently not. The hotel should at least garner a response from someone to be bookable.

So, there you have it, 5 tips of hotel reviews and how they affect sales.

The Meaning of Hotel Star Ratings

When a hotel gets a 5-star rating, it’s a pretty big deal. Stars are a surefire way to know if the hotel you are staying at is a quality hotel. But what exactly do they mean? Let’s find out.

1. One-star hotel

This means that 100 percent of the rooms have a shower or WC or a bath tub or WC. Also, there is daily room cleaning, and that 100% of the rooms have color-TV together with a remote control. They also have to have tables and chairs, soap or body wash, reception service, fascimile at the reception, and publicly available telephone for guests. They should also have an extended breakfast, and beverage offer in the hotel, with a deposit possibility.

2. Two-star hotel

Should have a breakfast buffet, with light reading next to the bed. It should have bath essence or shower gel. It should also have bath towels, linen shelves, and should offer sanitary products like a toothbrush, toothpaste, and shaving kit. It should also accept credit cards.


3. Three-star hotel

Should have internet access in the room or in the public area. And the reception should be opened for 14 hours, accessible by phone 24 hours from inside and outside. The staff should also be bilingual.

The staff should have a three piece suite at the reception with luggage service, and there should be beverage offer in the room. There should also of course be a telephone in the room. And the bathrooms should have heating facilities, a hair-dryer, and a cleansing tissue.


4. Four-star

Should have everything a three-star have plus 24 hours reception, internet access, 24 hours room service, and breakfast buffet.

5. Five-star

The reception should be open 24 hours. They should have a multilingual staff, with a doorman-service or valet parking.

For more information please refer to the infographic above.


How to Book a Hotel Ticket Online

Finding a good hotel and making a reservation for vacation or for business can be stressful, especially if you are trying to book a hotel room for a large family or at the last minute. With many hotel reservations done online, there are online tools you can use to compare rates and shop around before booking the right room for you and your family. If you have never booked a hotel room before, you can do so easily and quickly by following several simple steps.

Use an internet booking engine that allows you to specify your travel requirements such as city of departure, destination, departure date, return date and class of travel. Once this information is received, the IBE will offer a list of available air tickets, hotels and excursions which the customer can then book.

Before booking online you should have made a plan considering about your budget, you’re accommodations, location and hotel you want to stay.

Preparing the data needed in booking is a must so that you can proceed smoothly.

Online booking should now be mastered by travelers it’s not as hard as autocad. As it offers great deals and discounts, ease of booking and less stress because you don’t have to deal with more people. You can ask the help of travel agents who are expert in this field if you do not want any burden with booking a hotel ticket online. They can suggest and look for great deals and discounts for your convenience. Good luck on your online booking and enjoy your stay.

Top 5 Baddest Cities You Shouldn’t Visit

Travelling is one of the most fulfilling activities in one person’s life aside from birth and marriage. It gives new strength, perspective and hope. As tourism is blooming everywhere, we want to find a place where we really want and go their first. When travelling you need to consider how far is the place, what kind of people live there, how to get there, etc. though there are many amazing and beautiful places we want to go but the most important to consider is security.

Here is the list of top five baddest or dangerous cities in the world

  1. Caracas in Velenzuala
  2. San Pedro Sula in Honduras
  3. San Salvador in El Salvador
  4. Tondo Manila in  Philippines.
  5. Acapulco in  MexicoTheir ranking as the top five baddest or dangerous was based on the crime rate occurred in these places. The number one in rank, Venezuela, is home for many Miss Universe winners but sadly its reputation in terms of crimes is disappointing. You can check this site for your travel processing of visa. I got to see this site chinavisa.com.tw and immediately have my visa transaction. I waited for just a week and now, I can freely travel to China my dream vacation place.

There are still many places God had given for us to explore and enjoy. We do hope that these beautiful places will recover and be listed in the safest or beautiful cities to travel. So apply for your visa now from this agency because their china visa application is a lot more easy in here. Seeing ahead let us do our best for a safer world starting at home.

The Breath taking views of the World

Visit the breath-taking views of the world. Find a place of comfort and enjoy your world. Imagine yourself coming to a world of peace and beauty. Sing with the nature and burst into joy. These wonderful views would give you a taste a heaven. Whether you are alone or with someone, sense the power creation!

  1. Dubai is where we see the world’s tallest building. It is famous for its cloud drifting scenery. The UNESCO world Heritage acknowledges this as a breath-taking view.
  2. The Isle of Skye in Scotland takes our breath away for its beautiful geographical feature and landform.
  3. Acadia National Park, east of the Mississippi River, USA is very amazing for its view. Dream of being wedded in this place with its solemn environment.
  4. Iguazu Falls found in the boarder of Brazil and Argentina is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world. It seems the plants and animals sing with joy hearing the burst of the waterfall.
  5. Cherry Blossom, the national flower of Japan, gives life to the country.

Keep your life exciting and travel expert. Unwind and laugh with the world through these mediums. Be part of the world’s happiness. Beauty is in vain when no one uncovers it. You can show the world your wonderful memories with these places. The beauty of each country would be revealed by you. Share these fantastic views around our global place from market promotion online. Someone in the business is earning his salary to go Dubai one of these days.




Visit South Korea the number one I.T. Power House of the World

South Korea is beating the world in many aspects. This country is technology wise at the same time IT center of the world. How did such a country, which was once at the bottom, rapidly grow as the economy center of the world? This is very remarkable in history. Not only this, but there are lots of things that we can know about them. Their cultures are also admirable. Visit the place and be stunned by their beautiful architectural concept love of nature and respect to one another.

The beautiful architectural design that has been passed down from generation to generation has been preserved. Their beautiful colors that appear during autumn would take your breath away. You will also like the climate in Korea. Flowery spring landscapes, beaches, rocky  mountains and museums that preserved their cultures will fill you with awe. One of the pride of Korea is the Seongsan Sunrise Peak which is one of the World Heritage Site. Let you have the best hearing aid from here. Check over this  webpage. You can clearly let helps you hearing process be great.

The Seorak Mountain which is dinosaur spine-shaped gives a spectacular view. The Diamond Bridge gives a spectacular view of mountains and city lights. This is also where the world’s largest international airport is built above the sea.

When you get there, there are nice home stays where you can stay for your vacation.  Their home stays would show their warm welcome towards any visitor witness to this is an employee from Baguio City who went to visit in Korea. The beautiful Korea is full of astonishing sceneries.  Also you can find great fashion industry here.

Experience the Great Wall of China

Life is short but the Great Wall of China is too long to go through. This is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and is also one of the World Heritage. However, we see the  flow of time engraved in the building of this great travel destination. Experience the feeling of walking through a path that is not flat. It is either inclined or steep. It is sure that when you get there, you would be curious of how such wall was built.

Experience their culture which is passed down to today’s generation since the wall was started to be built. The fresh air around you would give you the feeling of peace. The mountains that you see would take your breath away. The section that is most visited is the Badaling since it is filled with the natives’ emotions, culture and beliefs. The transportation going to this place is budget-friendly whether you take bus or train. This wall passes rivers, plains, valleys and hills. Seeing this, you will be very stunned at its architectural features and beauty. This is a great anti pests service company. Open this link here for more, 環保公司. One of the great company ever.

This defense construction cannot be compared with other defense construction in the earlier times even if you go to China and mimic their wall. Owing to the people who participated in the building of the great wall, the people regard the wall as sacred. Lots of sacrifices were invested in it even life of soldiers were taken. Until now, this site attracts thousands of foreign visitors around the world.

Is Mount Everest the Highest Mountain of the World?

Which is the tallest mountain in the world? Since the 19th century, the Mount Everest is acknowledged as the highest mountain measuring 8,848 meters above sea level.  The mountain is located in the Himalayas, the boarder separating China and Nepal. The mountain is named after George Everest, requested by Andrew Waugh. There is a discovery of science that makes Mount Everest, not the highest mountain in the world. It is because Mauna Kea overcomes its height. Mauna Kea has an altitude of 4,205 meters above sea level.

Comparing it to the peak of Mount Everest, Mount Mauna is much lower. Mount Mauna is taller than Mount Everest when the distance from the bottom of the nearby Pacific Ocean to the peak of former is measured. Another mountain that is compared to Mount Everest is the. Its altitude is  6,310 meters  above sea level. However it appears as the highest because it is the closest to the center of the earth.



These mountains are branded as highest mountains being viewed in different point of view. Each got its title having no equal judgment from another. If we judge the highest mountain using the altitude, that is the elevation above sea level,  Everest comes first.  Mauna actually extends below the surface of the water which makes it higher than Mount Everest, not by altitude. Still, Chimborazo comes first when measured from the center of the earth, not by altitude. So if you think you will climb this mountains see to it you have a lot of 天然酵素 or medicine because it’s going to be tough.





The most Visited Places in South East Asia

Enjoy the beautiful sceneries found in South East Asia. Travel and relax yourself through the exciting beauty of nature. Here are the places where you could spend your time for.

  1. Sindhu Market in Sanur, Indonesia is the top 1 most visited place in South East Asia.
  2. Bankok is known for its cheap price travel destination.
  3. Boracay and El Nido Beach found in the Philippines are famous for their white-sand. In addition to these places’ beauty, Philippines is one of the cheapest tourist destinations.
  4. Bua Thong waterfall in Thailand is really great for having unique flow of the water.
  5. Nguyen Hue walking street is a square in Vietnam
  6. Gili Meno Beach, Gili Islands is a paradise in Indonesia.
  7. Monkey Hill in Phuket Town, Thailand is believed as the highest hill in the place where you can play with the friendly monkeys and spend time with.
  8. Sihanoukville in Cambodia is a beach of couples.

These naturally attractive creations are like heavens on earth. When you like to travel, do not miss to bring the feeling of ecstasy brought by these wonders of the world. In later times, many have already sought to visit such places before it’s too late. Other than these places, there are still good places where you can unwind and free yourself from anxieties and stresses. While we have an opportunity, let’s grab it air here is clean it feels like it undergone 臭氧殺菌. Nature is not permanent like our breath.