Top 5 Baddest Cities You Shouldn’t Visit

Travelling is one of the most fulfilling activities in one person’s life aside from birth and marriage. It gives new strength, perspective and hope. As tourism is blooming everywhere, we want to find a place where we really want and go their first. When travelling you need to consider how far is the place, what kind of people live there, how to get there, etc. though there are many amazing and beautiful places we want to go but the most important to consider is security.

Here is the list of top five baddest or dangerous cities in the world

  1. Caracas in Velenzuala
  2. San Pedro Sula in Honduras
  3. San Salvador in El Salvador
  4. Tondo Manila in  Philippines.
  5. Acapulco in  MexicoTheir ranking as the top five baddest or dangerous was based on the crime rate occurred in these places. The number one in rank, Venezuela, is home for many Miss Universe winners but sadly its reputation in terms of crimes is disappointing. You can check this site for your travel processing of visa. I got to see this site and immediately have my visa transaction. I waited for just a week and now, I can freely travel to China my dream vacation place.

There are still many places God had given for us to explore and enjoy. We do hope that these beautiful places will recover and be listed in the safest or beautiful cities to travel. So apply for your visa now from this agency because their china visa application is a lot more easy in here. Seeing ahead let us do our best for a safer world starting at home.