Is Mount Everest the Highest Mountain of the World?

Which is the tallest mountain in the world? Since the 19th century, the Mount Everest is acknowledged as the highest mountain measuring 8,848 meters above sea level.  The mountain is located in the Himalayas, the boarder separating China and Nepal. The mountain is named after George Everest, requested by Andrew Waugh. There is a discovery of science that makes Mount Everest, not the highest mountain in the world. It is because Mauna Kea overcomes its height. Mauna Kea has an altitude of 4,205 meters above sea level.

Comparing it to the peak of Mount Everest, Mount Mauna is much lower. Mount Mauna is taller than Mount Everest when the distance from the bottom of the nearby Pacific Ocean to the peak of former is measured. Another mountain that is compared to Mount Everest is the. Its altitude is  6,310 meters  above sea level. However it appears as the highest because it is the closest to the center of the earth.



These mountains are branded as highest mountains being viewed in different point of view. Each got its title having no equal judgment from another. If we judge the highest mountain using the altitude, that is the elevation above sea level,  Everest comes first.  Mauna actually extends below the surface of the water which makes it higher than Mount Everest, not by altitude. Still, Chimborazo comes first when measured from the center of the earth, not by altitude. So if you think you will climb this mountains see to it you have a lot of 天然酵素 or medicine because it’s going to be tough.