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Independently-owned hotels are far more likely to give you a discount. Some chains balk at dropping the rate.

Supposedly eco-friendly programs, such as opting out of having your room cleaned every day can sometimes be an excuse to pay the housekeeper, or at least have them to work less.

Housekeepers have the most dangerous job in the hotel. With everything from constantly moving mattresses and furniture, to always being exposed to trash, leftovers, and other sometimes nauseating messes.

Leaving a tip for housekeeping is usually appreciated, but it’s largely gone out of style.

If you do leave a tip then put it under the pillow, and leave a note with it, so it’s clear who it’s for.

Hotels can pay a commission of up to thirty percent for online booking sites. Keep that price in mind when you’re negotiating and you might reach a deal faster.

The 1-800 reservations will probably send you to a central office with set rates. If you call the hotel directly instead, you can negotiate.

When it comes to negotiation however, be careful, because if the hotel overbooks, then guess who loses the room first? That’s right, the cheap customers.

By booking directly to a hotel, you’ll lose the leverage that a reputable middle man can give you if something is unsatisfactory.